Hi, I'm Lisa

The Hygienics

  1.  I’m from New Zealand – yes, Middle Earth! We’re known for Hobbits, sheep, and a rather special flightless bird.
  2. Advertising media is my current profession (7+ years) and I’ve had the pleasure of working on some great clients; including GM, Nestlé, Sony Pictures (just a few among many).
  3. I’m a keen baker. Cupcakes have become a specialty and I frequently receive requests from family and friends.
  4. I have a beautiful dog – Jaco. He’s a Boxer/Border Collie/Huntaway cross and is named after a late (yet incredible) bassist.
  5. I was very lucky to learn several instruments as a child; as a result I’m intensely passionate about music. MJ forever!
  6. My love of copy editing is ingrained (Dad’s an ex-copywriter) and I was inspired by a close friend to share my ‘red-penning’ with the world. So… hello, World!


The Down and Dirty

Why am I here?

I want to educate people on the importance of copy editing, hone my skills as a copy editor, unearth the best practices for web-based writing, and (eventually) turn my passion into a full-time career.

Enter the WordMaid!

I’m going to help you deliver your business objectives with copy that truly shines.

Together we will:

  1. Improve your ‘searchability’ and increase your site traffic with relevant copy
  2. Clean up your words to create an engaging user experience on your site, seamless navigation through your WordPress settings page,  and easy-to-read documentation
  3. Achieve your desired outcome with well-crafted copy – more conversions, more followers or more sales.

Let’s get started… hand me that duster!