What I do

Every package includes:


Reviewing your content before it goes live to ensure it is free from surface errors such as spelling mistakes, punctuation, spacing and untidy grammar.


Checking that your content follows a logical structure and tells a story. I’ll make sure your content has a style that is consistent with your reason for being.


Reworking parts of your content to refine your 'voice'. I’ll improve the flow, clarify any ambiguity, cut down wordiness and ensure the tone is reader-friendly.

Perfect for WordPress:

Site Owners

You need clean copy throughout your entire website. Pages, contact forms and blog posts are part of the furniture - I’ll make sure they’re spotless.

Theme Authors

You need inspiring copy, simple documentation and tidy settings. Bloated text can affect sales - let’s improve performance with copy that converts.

Plugin Developers

You need flawless sales copy, documentation, plugin settings and options. Typos are like bugs in your code - let me wipe away the nasties!